If work is taking its toll on you, then you better consider spending a nice vacation to relax your mind and body. It’s actually one of the most effective ways that you can do to revitalize your energy. So prepare to book those flights and hotel accommodations and make your itinerary now. But hey, make sure not to forget these 5 vacation gadgets for your trip!

Mobile phone. Stay connected with friends and loved ones while on vacation. You see, being away from work does not necessarily mean shutting down your communication lines to friends and loved ones. So to keep them and yourself updated, be sure to bring your mobile phone with you. And don’t forget the charger.

Digital camera. Having photos during your vacation will certainly make it memorable. Be it at the beach, camp site, or just within the city, you will definitely need this gadget to take shots of those once-in-a-lifetime moments. Don’t rely on your mobile phone too much even if it has a camera feature. Because chances are, the results of the images will not be as clear as the ones taken with a digital camera.

Three is your MP3 player. Often get bored when on the plane, bus, or train? How about when you’re sitting alone on a bench, by the seashore, or anywhere else? Don’t let boredom take the fun out of your vacation. Even without something exciting to do, still you can relax if you are listening to your favorite tunes. So make sure to keep your MP3 player handy.

Four is your travel alarm clock. For those who often wake at the sound of their alarm clocks, this is definitely a must-have. Nothing can be more annoying than to miss a flight or other activities included in your itinerary just because you failed to wake up on time. So pack this in your bag now, no more questions asked.

And five is your mini notebook. When you have nothing to do or while waiting for someone during your vacation, it’s nice to have a companion to keep you busy such as your mini notebook. It enables you to blog, upload photos, chat with friends, and surf the net even if you’re on the go. But hey, try to avoid doing work online because that won’t help you relax at all!

So these are the 5 must-have vacation gadgets that you should bring with you on your next trip. If you’re not yet packed, be sure to go over the list again to see what you’re missing.