Is it a tradition to go on a honeymoon post marriage? Or is there a different reason behind this extremely special holiday, which has now become a necessary ceremony for almost all newlywed couples? Basically, our grandparents or their parents never even had an option of meeting each other before marriage. Therefore, honeymoon was not even a far away thought. However, with the changing time and people becoming much open minded, they have realized the need for the two people getting married to know each other well. Staying in the same house and sharing an intense relationship as well as maintaining it for years is not easy. Compromises and adjustments have to be done by both the husband and the wife. Hence, it is necessary for the two to spend some quality time together, without anyone around to disturb. Whether love or arranged, a honeymoon at a cozy destination will do wonders.

A peaceful and romantic honeymoon destination in India can be none other than the beautiful south, especially the state of Kerala. Famous as one of the best holiday destinations in India, Kerala is a paradise on planet earth. This elongated southwestern coastal region is rich in flora and fauna. Surrounded by sea and lush hills, Kerala provides the tourists from around the world with sightseeing destinations like hill stations, beaches, backwaters, and wildlife sanctuaries. The newlywed couples can book a holiday resort on a hill station in Kerala and immerse themselves into the beautiful surroundings. The backwaters are a perfect getaway for couples wishing to have a romantic date in the middle of the tranquil waters below the wide starry sky. Couples can book themselves a boat house and spend the entire night in this dreamy setting. Kerala is also house to some of the best beach resorts in India that are located on the sandy southwest. The adventure loving couples can enjoy sports like kayaking, snorkeling, and parasailing on the beach. Wildlife safaris will add to the fun. After all, a honeymoon is a great excuse to explore and holiday for many.

If, all of this excites you, then include places like the Munnar hill station, Alleppey beach resort, Kumarakom Backwaters, and Thekkady wildlife sanctuary in your honeymoon special Kerala holiday package. Pick a full inclusive package that will include your stay, traveling, food, sightseeing at all these places, and other important facilities. This will help you concentrate more on your honeymoon rather than searching for hotels, restaurants, tourist attractions, as well as transportation services. It is said that time is precious. For the just married couples spending most of the time together is a good sign of a better future. Therefore, all the time you save on planning things or finding places can be put to discovering your partner.
All the soon to be brides and grooms from India as well as outside can go ahead with already booking their Kerala tour packages, before they are too late!